About Us

Donating money means an act without any expectations for return. We at MY COMPANY are an organization providing the platform comprising of individuals who are there to help people who are looking for instant help. In case you need some urgent money, as your salary is not arriving before the end of the month, you can definitely seek our help.


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Receive Berriez

Help for you when you are in a financial crunch.

Help Others

Help others which will make you happy.

Enhance Growth

Enhance growth opportunities by dealing unwanted situations.

Environment Friendly

Make your environment more friendly and relaxing.

Get Proper Aid

Get all that is required and needed for proper aid.

No Need of Expertise

Pass on that part of hard work in which you do not have expertise in.

Sharing is Caring

Some people take this activity of helping others as a hobby, and some take it just like a job which they are dedicated to do. Both are correct in their own thoughts and viewpoints.

  • Help will come to you whenever you seek.
  • Easy steps followed for donations to help in financial support.
  • Easy sustainability and trust factor about the donation.
  • Long term peace of mind is a proof of humanity.

Why Us

Help is all you can do and seek

Helping is the best idea you can have. But the question is how to help others. Now when you are at MY COMPANY, you can do so by donating money in the donation pool created by the community members which is used for helping people.


Helping aid MY COMPANY is a rescuer

Helping people needs a high degree of courage, and one has to contribute his/her own wishes in order to help others. But at MY COMPANY may come back to you if you are in an unwanted situation.


Help in charity is all you have been seeking

Is that help you have been seeking? Are you looking forward to helping people? Then MY COMPANY will let you do that. Be a member today and start helping people with your valuable contribution.