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First ever Matrix Software with Rich UI Interface. Its best choice for your any Hierarchy Based Application.

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We Take care Our Products for More Feature Rich

Matrix Demo is one of the finest Software in the MLM Market. It is combination of with high end feature & rich components.



Matrix Demo is one of unique MLM Software which is fully Responsive on Every Device . It is specially Tested on Various Plateform like Mobile, Web & Tablet. Automatic Adjust According to Resolution of Screen.


Fast and Robust

We are using VPS server to deliver fast service to Customer . It make very Robust , Fast , Scalable & Secure. Use very high level security & optimized Query.Less load time to handle the multiple Request on Single Time.


Rich UI-Interface

We are using Bootstrap 4 framework to build rich UI Features like Forms, Table, Grid System, Menu & Widget etc.Specilly Concetrate on color combination of Design.Informatic Icon Used Like Font Awesome/Material/Feather/Simpleline/Themify.


Authentic Algorithm & Calculation

To Grow Up Your Business Calculation is essential part of Software . After 6 Year Research & Experince we design Data Structure as per need of Customer so that properly Generate/Distribute Income as per Business Model.


Admin Access Control

Admin can access every user exist in system & operate the operation like Block/Unblock, Activate Request, Fund Credit/Debit, Epin Generate/Transfer & Enable/Disable, KYC Approval, Payout Approve/Reject, Chat System & lot more..



We mainly focus on Reports. Because without Report Software Useless. So we have added special report as per Customer need like Activation Report, Level Report, Income Report, Balance Report, TDS Report, Reward Report.


To present the Statistics of Company performance Widgets are best option to quick view.So We added informatic widget on User & Admin Dashboard.
User Widgets Show Total User Of Company, How much Activated User, wallet balance, payout, referral link, Direct User & News etc.
Admin Widget Show Total Collection of Company, Total User, Total Payout,Total Epin etc.


We have mainly concentrate on reports.Because Reports are essential part of any software.So Date wise filter added.Any user can find his downline member with filter of date from and to.After filteration of data accumulation report will reflect as per filter date.
Search Filter also added in every report.User can search any column data search on single key press.Some filter are not searchable like Left Leg/Right Leg,Green/Red,Package Filter etc. To resolve this problem we have added Pre Defined Filter in Report.Which will automatic filter the data of user downline.Only Filter data exportable not whole data export. Datatable sorting added on mandatory fields of Column.All the Searching,Sorting & Filteration are done on server side.which make the software fast and robust.


Security is the most important part of any application.To protect the data of use we have used advanced feature on server side.Every data cross check and filter by server. so that we can prevent application from the hackers.
On the time of user registeration we are generating Transaction password.Which is applied on Withdrawal Request,Activation & Crete Epin.Which are sensitive part of MLM Software After the validation of Transaction password user can access these section.
On every software we provide SSL security to user.Which will send and receive encrypted form of data packets.


Boostrap 4 is one of the best UI in market.It provide rich User Experience.Application test on various plateform and dimentions like mobile,tablet & laptop.It is auto adjustable according to screen resolution.Color combination used very decent. There has multiple color combination which is easily change by user (Light & Dark).5 Type of Icons Used in Design to look better like Feather, Font Awesome,Material,Single Line,Themify.All icons are fully informatic and responsive.
All validation & Alerts are on the eye caching place and not disturb the layout.Category menu automatic collapse able when level tree open. So that user can view properly his downline.Full mode screen option added in header of Application. On Mobile resolution Forms & Table automatic adjustable to prevent the overlapping data.


Tursted Product

We increasingly grow our talent and skills in admin dashboard development.


Online Documentation

Documentation helps you in every steps on your entire project.


Free Updates & Support

Fast and accurate outline during support. Low turnaround time.




Data Tables





Web Based Android & IOS Application.

We promise to serve content oriented solutions and 100% quality in software and working of the mobile application to our clients.

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